Solutions and Research

In an effort to provide the best in software solutions to the Precious Metals Industry, we constantly work towards upgrading our specialization efforts to deliver software that is extraordinary. We have seen an increased demand from prospective users over the last decade and are pleased to say that we have been able to fulfil requirements completely. All this is due to the extensive research conducted by our team and the passion which goes into creating these software applications. In-depth study, integration of the latest technology with existing infrastructure, solutions & product development, testing, maintenance and support have gone a long way into ensuring we provide quality solutions to our esteemed clientele.

Using state of the art application development technologies and with an aim of converting IT vision into a reality for the end-user, OroSoft has come up with a unique platform designed to suit the work-flow requirements of our clients. Our Solution “Neo Product Suite” encapsulate components, templates and code blocks that have stood the test of time. Our modules are user friendly and can blend with your current infra-structure thereby proving cost-friendly. The product is dispensable as per modules, not to mention the highest service standards. Understanding the high value model of business, the security feature and logs are extensively incorporated to fix responsibility and measure incentives.