Neo is developed using state of the art application development technology on a client server architecture converting IT vision into a reality for the end-user.   Every aspect of the application is designed, keeping in mind the user and his needs.  To ensure maximum comfort for the user, the look and feel has been specifically designed to be easy on the eye

The highlight of the product is its simplicity in handling and comfort in communications. It speaks to you in the language of your choice, apart from being customizable, if required. The product is dispensable as per modules, not to mention the highest service standards. Understanding the high value model of business, the security feature and logs are extensively incorporated to fix responsibility and measure incentives.  

Our business framework is a product of years of building applications that solves our customers’ business problems. They encapsulate components, templates and code blocks that have stood the test of time.

Listed below, are few applications that are currently being used worldwide.  


The most comprehensive state-of-the-art financial and margin monitoring solution for the Precious Metals Industry.


Complete system taking care of every aspect related to customer orders.


Completely integrated with Neo Financials, the trading platform connects to major banks and exchanges over the FIX gateway.


A complete inventory and process flow tracking system for a large-scale Precious Metals Refinery


An online reporting portal for the customers to keep a track of their transactions and trades.



This module accomodates an entire testing environment for gold and other precious metals, generating test reports for their purity.