Corporate Management


A Mathematics Graduate, Mathew Daniel has been keenly associated with the software industry since 1992 and has acquired an in-depth knowledge about various software solutions related to the Precious Metals Industry and its implementation. His wide experience, comprising of every aspect of the Precious Metals trade is the foundation stone for OroSoft Solutions. Prior to setting up OroSoft, he had a 9 year stint in Dubai working on various software projects related to the bullion and jewellery industry.

Mathew Daniel plays a key role in procuring clientele for OroSoft. His keen understanding of business and its requirements is what lends him the acumen to bridge the gap between technology and business. He advises clients on using the correct applications and systems to help their business scale to a greater height. A subject matter expert in the software industry, Mathew is now focusing on further expansions and strategic alliances for the company and driving product vision.


With a Bachelors of Engineering in Computers followed by a Post-Graduate Degree from NCST India, Jacob Daniel started his career with NCST as a Research Scientist specializing in core Java projects. He further went on to start OroSoft Solutions along with his brother, Mathew Daniel.

Jacob’s passion for designing and implementing innovative commercial software, solutions and processes, has played a major role in the success the company now enjoys. Since 2004, he has been in charge of the Development and Implementation Team at OroSoft